Thursday, August 5, 2010

Urban Sketchers Symposium, Portland Oregon July 29-31 2010

Jason Das

Jasons drawing

Jason and Kumi

Virginia Lawlor and people drawng group

Frank Ching and architecture group

Liz Steel drawing her lunch

Gabi Campanario



Kurt Hollomon


Drawing our coffee cups

Lapin drawing Frank

Lapins drawing

I adjusted the levels on these after listening to Jas Das lecture on posting on a computer. makes the color bright.


Anais said...

Owwwwwwwww.....I wish I had been there...What a great day!
Thanks for sharing Don :)

Anais said...

Pdta. Love the new look of your blog ;)

Don McNulty said...

Thanks Anais, we had a wonderful time. Glad you like the look of my blog, blogger has a new "design template" which even I can understand.

Peggy said...

Hi Don! Came across your blog by following another. It's really nice. You've posted some great pictures from the symposium. It was great wasn't it?

Don McNulty said...

Thanks Peggy, yes the symposium was a great experience, loved it, wish I could draw like some of the participants (most of them).