Monday, October 21, 2013

Wharfingers Office

So, a Wharfinger is a person who looks after the wharf and has numerous related duties. An archaic term still in use in Ladner BC Canada at the harbour. Also, the other day I was on my stool next to a parking spot and of course some one comes and parks and blocks my view, so we get talking, he is a painter, was an art instructor, checks out my sketch and says "don't draw in everything and don't paint everything and you have to decide what not to draw and what not to paint". So I did and this is either cool or it is unfinished.


Sigrid Albert said...

Hey Don, you are already good at not drawing everything, you are probably the last person who needs that particular advice. Nice sketch!

David Huggard said...

That's funny - I study your drawings to learn how not to draw everything! This one really works. I like how the grey, um, thing, holds the building and sign together.